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1. What is shot blasting?
Shot blasting is a means of removing and cleaning all sorts of material, from iron gates, to vehicles chassis.

2. Can you blast any material?
Yes. We blast clean iron, steel, aluminium, wood, brass, stone and much more.

3. Why shot blast as opposed to other methods?
Shot blasting involves the spraying at very high speeds of small sand-like particles. It will clean without chemically altering the item, and get to parts that other methods find hard to reach. Shot blasting is comparatively speedy and inexpensive compared to chemical stripping, scraping or grinding.

4. Are there disadvantages to shot blasting? Blasting can be very messy and hazardous to health. When we blast we 'suit up' for protection and with an oxygen supply to avoid breathing the debris that blasting creates.

5. Will blasting do any damage?
Depending on the item to be cleaned, we carefully select different sand-like material that does the actual cleaning. We also adjust the velocity of the cleaning process which retards or speeds up the process.

6. What do you use as cleaning grit?
A wide range of blasting 'aggregate' is used, very much dependant on the material to be cleaned including aluminium oxide, white aluminium oxide, corn cob, crushed glass, glass beads, plastic, pumice, silicon carbide, steel grit, steel shot, and walnut shell.

7. Can you collect and deliver?
Yes, just let us know the approximate weight and dimensions, or you can bring your goods to us.

8. Do you blast small items?
Yes. Anything from a doorknob to a tank.

9. How long does it take?
From 10 minutes to several days, depending on the size of the item and amount of debris to be removed.

10. Can you blast at my home?
Yes, although this involves creating an enclosed environment to avoid the debris escaping.

11. Once blasted, can you prime and paint?
We recommend that at a minimum any cleaned item is immediately primed to avoid surface rust forming and to protect your goods. You can select any specialist paint or purchase from our stock.

12. What does it cost?
Always a tricky question as it will always depend on the job, however take a look at our gallery for what we have previously charged customers.

13. Can I shot blast myself?
Yes, although you will need to hire or purchase the blasting gear, compressor, a space suit, full-face helmet and replaceable eye guards, breathing apparatus, gloves, suitable substrate and a closed space!
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