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Priming & Painting

Once the structure has been sand blasted / shot blasted a protective coating can be applied that will extend the structures working life and enhance performance.

Priming and painting seals the surface of your material to prevent further deterioration and to produce a quality finish. The number of stages is dependant on how you want the finished item to appear and can include:
  • Priming.
    For example a high zinc content primer for iron or steel
  • Undercoat.
    Undercoat provides a base, enhancing the topcoat sheen.
  • Topcoat..
    Using either two-pack epoxy or single stage paints.
Solent Coatings & Blasting use the complete range of chemically cured paint systems from the basic one pack fast air dry through to the complex two pack systems epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane. We can apply a powder coat using a spray applied two pack epoxy as an undercoat where appropriate.

Whatever process you choose, from just sand blasting / shot blasting, to full paint finish Solent Coatings & Blasting is happy to help and advise.
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Protective coating application
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